Education in Human Values Scheme

You can find an excellent non denominational scheme for educating children in Human Values on this link. .  Known As Sacred and Secular Education in Human Values, (SSEHV), this is a ‘not for profit’ organisation. You will find the values of Love, Peace, Truth, Right Action and Non Violence, each illustrated with stories, drama, activities, songs and silent sitting.  Seven books have been created for primary school children and two for secondary school students.  Many lesson plans are freely available on the internet.  This scheme addresses the need for Values led lessons in the Personal Health and Social Education area.  It has been shown to affect very positively the behaviour and attitudes of children who have been taught it.

Book prices are very affordable – 0nly £20 per book, (2015 price) which typically includes 32 lesson plans

Two CD’s of memorable catchy tunes go with the themes of all of the Values in the books.  Children love to sing them. again, very good value CDs, at £5.00.

Have a look, you will find more of my stories there on SSEHV too!

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