Revamp of Yoga Stories

I am re-publishing my book, ‘Guptananda’s Stories, yoga philosophy for young people’ this year.  It needs to change and my plan is to work with the Author’s Learning Centre and with Author and editor Harmony Kent. I will present the book in a different way, concentrating on the channelled writing and wisdom from the Guru Guptananda. 

As a result of asking for feedback from a number of yoga teachers I have decided to remove my rather lengthy additions to Guptananda’s stories, and  simply ask the reader questions about the stories to bring out the relevant points for learning. I will use this Yogastories Blog as my point of contact (as well as Facebook) for the new book and I will try to share any interesting developments along the way.  I hope you will come along with me on this journey which promises to be almost as exciting as it was when the Guru first came to me and gave me the stories nearly twenty years ago!