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Welcome. I’m Teresa. I have created this blog to publish my stories. I hope you enjoy reading them. If you do, you might like to go to my website to find a complete book  on many of the most important subjects taught in Yoga Philosophy. “Guptananda’s stories, Yoga Philosophy for Young People”, yogastories.co.uk I write about other educational subjects too and you will find different stories under the different categories in my blog. Feel free to comment or to ask for a story.

My General Background
I live in the UK. I am a retired teacher, my first job was teaching biology, then I taught yoga for 30 years.  I also studied psychotherapy and counselling and taught special needs students. I currently teach Natural/Spiritual  healing, and continue to learn about being human!

Guptananda, an Indian Swami or Guru, living in Spirit, came to me during a meditation when I was asking for help to teach my yoga classes.  He said, “There’s no point in teaching people spiritual practices unless they are obeying the ‘Laws of Life’.” I couldn’t remember what these were myself and after sternly telling me off he said not to worry and that he would help me. He gave me a funny little story on greed, then another short piece, more sensitive and serious, on chastity. Over a period of time he gave me over 40 stories, all of which were about his own life. He told me he lived 400 years ago.

As time went on people began asking me to write stories for them. I discovered that I could ‘get’ stories on other themes, and from all over the world. Therapeutic stories came for my counselling clients and I wrote a number of stories for an excellent scheme called Sacred and Secular Education in Human Values (SSEHV) for Personal, Health, and Social Education in schools and colleges. Check it out on the internet. bisse.org.uk . I believe that these stories are very relevant to today’s life. They have been a gift to me and I want to share them with other people.

My website yogastories.co.uk came online in April 2008. On it the whole current collection of Guptananda’s stories are freely available and also a painting of Guptananda, made by a psychic artist, Patrick Gamble, (check out his website online) who saw Guptananda with me.



12 thoughts on “About Author

  1. kt garalde says:

    HI miss Teresa I wish to use your story The doll and the snake story in our book thank you very much it is truly value laden.


    • yogastories says:

      You are more than welcome to use my stories, please do! I am always happy when people publish them, and it is best to acknowledge that they have been written by me. Thank you for asking me.


  2. saraswathi says:

    We would like to get your permission to use the story “The Flood” to teach children about respecting Public property by using them in PPT.

    Kindly email.
    Thank you.

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  3. maria grassyana says:

    Hi Ms. Theresa. I would like to ask your permission to allow me to use one of your short stories “Law No. 11” in one of the Values Education books I am editing. I work in a publishing company here in the Philippines and I find your stories very educational and motivational to primary students. Thank you very much. 🙂

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  4. Kathy says:


    I am the assistant editor for Healthyoga.com, whose sole purpose is to offer a free informational resource to the public for those seeking advice on a variety of yoga related topics from professionals.

    I’ve found your blog through a few of our mutual online affiliates and would love to work with you as well. I have interest in being included within your blog roll and would love to explore possibilities. Thank you for your time, I look forward to your response.

    Please email me back with your URL in subject line to take a step ahead and to avoid spam.

    Thank you
    Kathy Ray

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  5. Tricia says:

    The stories you share are wonderful ways to get very important message to young people. As a yoga teacher and teacher candidate I will draw from your wonderful collection to teach these essential values to my students. Thank you!!!!!!!


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  6. Di says:

    Life can present us with many challenges but by reading stories like these, we are able to learn more about ourselves and others. I still have a couple to read , however the stories I have read have given guidance on my own behaviour and thought processes as well as a deeper understanding of why others behave the way they do. As a partner of someone who has 3 delightful children I am constantly working to grasp an insight into their young minds so that I can support and understand them too. The yoga stories empowers me to do that…they take me back to my own childhood alowing me to process some of those experiences and feelings.invaluable. Thank you with all my heart and soul. Dida XXX

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  7. corrinne says:

    just to let you know I needed to take some time out and read some more of your stories! This really is such a wonderful thing and I want you to know how much your work must be helping others thank you and your very wise guides corrinne

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  8. Kavitha says:

    “If you have learnt or gained anything from my stories, I’d love to know. A quick comment would be great.Thanks. ”

    Dear Teresa,
    I’m writing in response to your comment above. I realized that we are a living story and we all hold the pen that writes our own story a couple of weeks back. And reading your website just makes me realize that we can help people through stories too! I am definately going to be a frequent visitor on your site. I teach yoga too, and I hope I can use your pointers to help people that I come across.

    I have even posted the link to your page from my blog, shows how much I value your work.


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