Yogastories Book getting ready for publication!

I started this blog off in 2008 when I first published my book on yoga stories as an online book, Guptananda’s Stories.

It has had nearly half a million readers.  I am now in my 70th year and I have decided to turn it into a paperback book.  The stages of doing this have been fascinating and challenging.  I have been working with the Author’s Learning Centre, an American company that helps would-be authors to learn how to write and publish books. This service has been very useful indeed, familiarising me with all the different processes and terms that an author needs to learn and go through.

Because Guptananda’s Stories was already written, my first task in 2018 was to get feedback on it.  As it had 43 stories, I asked volunteer readers to just read two stories each and to give me their reactions.  As a result I decided to reduce the material in order to have Book 1 on the Laws of Life, suitable for all readers whether they are interested in yoga or not.  Book 2 will be about  three aspects of yoga tradition – the 8 Limbs of Yoga,  the Gunas and lastly the Chakras.

 I have also taken out the ‘Guidance’ aspect of the old book, and replaced it with questions for readers to ask themselves,  so avoiding lecturing or being ‘preachy’, as that is not my purpose or my plan. 

I hope you enjoy the new book at least as much as people liked the first edition!  It will be available through Amazon soon.  I am waiting to see what happens regarding Brexit first, before I publish it.

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