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My blog is a collection of useful stories for teaching children (and adults) about codes of conduct and life lessons.  It is inspired by ‘The Rules of Life’ from Yoga texts, the Ten Commandments from the Bible and the Five Universal Human Values from Buddhist texts. The stories are mainly light hearted, and make you smile and think.  Some are poignant but uplifting. They are useful for teaching English to children and adults.

Please scroll down through the categories on the right to find what you are looking for, or use the search tool, top right of blog page.  Search words or tags will find many subjects of educational importance on my blog  –  eg non violence, empathy, tell the truth, punctuality and so on. There is a complete list of stories including suitable age ranges on the contents tab at the top of this blog.


I’m so pleased to announce my latest book, due to be published on November 30th  2019, stories about the life of the Guru Guptananda, illustrating the Yoga Rules of Life – the Yamas and Niyamas, such as truth, non violence, self discipline and so on.