This blog is about learning through stories

How these stories came to me

I used to attend a spiritual development circle where about 15 people gathered to learn what they could through meditation and guidance from the leader of the group.  It was during the heightened awareness that comes during group meditation and prayer that Guptananda came to me and commenced a dialogue with me which has continued for many years.  He showed me how to teach the Laws of Life from a Yogis point of view.  After I had collected a number of stories from Guptanada, another guide, named Calling Horse came to me.  Whereas I had been a Yoga teacher for many years when the Yoga Guru came, I had little or no knowledge of the Native North American Indian traditions.  Calling Horse seemed to be available to me to give me guidance in much the same way as Guptananda had.

My friend had a book called ‘The Gospel of the Red Man’, by Earnest Thomas Seaton, written in the 1800s, a collection of observations from a number of people who lived and worked with ‘Red Indians’, as they were then called. ( I have recently found large extracts of this book on the web.)  This I read, to try to discover something about my new found guide ‘Calling Horse’ . In his book Seaton outlined twelve laws of the Red Man, as opposed to the ten Yamas and Niyamas of Yoga, and the Ten Commandments of Christianity.  I asked Calling Horse if he would help me by giving me a story based on his experience of Life when he was a Chief in his tribe.  Twelve stories followed over the weeks, and my dear friend Alan Nisbet illustrated them.  I hope you enjoy and learn from them, as I did.

The Laws went like this:

1.  There is only one God, and that is the Great Spirit.

2.  You must not make a likeness of the Great Spirit or portray him as a visible being.

3.  You must be honest in your dealings and your speech.

4.  You must keep the feasts, learn the dances, respect the taboos and observe the customs of your tribe.

5.  You must honour and obey your father and mother.

6.  You must not commit murder.

7.  You must be chaste in thought and deed.

8.  You must not steal.

9.  You must not be greedy for possessions.

10. You must not drink fire water. (Alcohol)

11. You must be clean, both self and the place you dwell in.

12. You must love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life.  Glory in your strength and beauty.

I hope you enjoy the stories and the pictures.

I have another set of stories given to me by Calling Horse.  They are  about his interpretation of the Energy Centres within the human being which he told me that some peoples were aware of, and acted upon their knowledge of them.  Other tribes did not recognise them as such. As I have no knowledge other than what Calling Horse said to me on this subject, I would be very interested to know of any information on this subject handed down by ancestors to any readers.

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