This blog is about learning through stories

Welcome to my Story Blog!  There are over 100 useful stories mostly for children but some for adults too. For stories about YOGA click the ‘Yoga Stories’ category on the categories list, right hand column of blog.

To read my stories look at the 2 contents pages (with links), top of screen, which list all story subjects and suitable age groups OR go to  ‘categories‘ on right of screen to find what you need, scroll down to find a suitable story.   Or use key words, for example ‘punctuality’, ‘honesty’, etc, in the search box (top right).

This blog can work like a shuttlecock – I tap it over to you and ask  ‘do you need a story for something?’  You reply to me via the comments box to ask me for a story about – for example ‘resilience’, or ‘forgiveness’ and so on.  I need to know the age range of my audience.  

Here’s an example: someone said  “I need a story about being helpful, for six year old children.”   I will see what I can do! You ‘get the shuttlecock back’, with a story and even a picture, if you are lucky!  All for free.

Here’s my shuttlecock, coming your way!shuttlecock006

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